Hospitals Mr Anurag Jain Visit

Spire London East

Roding Lane South
Essex IG4 5PZ
Tel: 020 8551 1100

The Holly Private Hospital

High Road
Buckhurst Hill
Essex IG9 5HX
Tel: 020 8505 3311

Spire Hartswood Hospital

Eagle Way
Great Warley
Essex CM13 3LE
Tel: 01277 232 252

Nuffield Health Hospital

Shenfield Road
Essex CM15 8EH
Tel: 01277 695 695

Queen’s Hospital

Rom Valley Way
Essex RM7 0AG
Tel: 01708 435 000

Conditions Treated

This is not an exhaustive list and please feel free to write an email or call secretary for a no obligation inquiry, if your condition is not listed above.

Tonsil/Adenoid surgery.

Coblation Tonsillotomy.

Glue Ear (Grommets).

Tongue Tie.

Bleeding Nose.

Turbinate Reduction.

Noisy Breathing.

Ear infection.

Ear wax.

Ear perforation.



Ringing Ears.

Prominent Ears.

Sensation of Lump Throat.

Thyroid surgery.

Parotid Surgery.

Hoarseness voice.

Swallowing Problems.

Neck Lumps.

Discharging Sinus.

Snoring and Sleep Apnoea.

Fracture Nose.

Nasal polyps.

Deviated Nose.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery.



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